Hello Summer

After the long winter we all experienced, the arrival of the summer season is very much welcome. The promise of glorious sunshine, flowers blooming, the heavy scent of roses hanging in the air and the hum of activity sitting in the background is what makes a British summer. Not forgetting the rain of course! There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of a sudden downpour, when even the flowers look up in surprise. 

This year, more than ever before we have been experiencing a love affair with our gardens. These gardens that are looking so fine will be the backdrop to many long awaited reunions with both family and friends.  

To help you set the scene you will find all the natural products you will need at The Lavender house. Our collection of basket bags suit every occasion and will take you from day to night. The versatility of our hammam towels means they look just as fantastic placed on an outdoor table, as they do worn as a wrap when the temperature drops. The scent from the essential oils we use in our soy candles will offer the relaxing vibe you desire contributing to calm moments and making precious new memories.

As well as shopping on line you can visit us in our Lavender garden and workshop. It is a tranquil setting that you can book to take part in candle making workshops, tours, shopping afternoons or relaxed evenings. 

Last weekend we opened up our workshop and Lavender Garden as a way to support the Pulloxhill Village Tree Fest event. It was such a delight to have visitors wandering through the Lavender and watching them enjoy comparing the different varieties we grow. At one point I was holding an unplanned Q&A session about the garden where people were actually putting their hands up! It was everything I could have dreamed of and it happened so naturally that I had no time to get nervous. 

The reaction since has been fantastic and I now have several booked in groups to prepare for! This week I am also starting to host virtual workshops for Silvers Surfers, an on line community for the over fifties. We will be making Soy candles in a tin together on Friday – wish me luck!

What is it they say? Every day is a school day? Well running my own business is constantly teaching me something new. I am getting to spot both my weaknesses and strengths and attempting to work on both, remembering to reach out and ask for help when I get a bit stuck.

Until the next time, wishing you and your families a wonderfully happy and healthy summer together.


All photos in this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. Please ask for consent in advance if you would like to use my images. Thank you.

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  1. Kim Burns

    Lovely to see your products for sale on Sunday at The Barton Watermill. Could you please e-mail some details on workshops that you do face to face and also any which I can join on-line. I would qualify to be a “silver surfer” but am also interested in doing something with my work colleagues (small group of 5) and perhaps something with my daughter.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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