Bespoke candles and refills

One of the ways to be more sustainable in our lives is to look at what we do with things once the original purpose is finished. That is why we offer a refill service on all our candles. We ask that you wash off any residual soy wax left on the vessel with warm soapy water, in preparation for us refilling it with your chosen scent. You can let us know which scent you would like, and it doesn’t have to be the same as you originally had.

This service is for customers who live in the locality of our workshop. The return transportation, postage and packaging on a refill would not work well environmentally for those of you further away. Unfortunately, it would negatively outweigh the positives we are trying to gain. I am sure those of you this is not available to will understand.

Price list
Refill of a tin £12.00
Refill of a cup and saucer £12.00
Refill of a jug £15
Refill of a three wick, such as a sugar bowl £18

Bespoke Candles

If you have an item you would like made in to a candle please send a photo of the piece and dimensions. The above is a guide to prices you can expect to pay + PP. In the past we have been known to make up whole tea sets so each member of a family can have a piece as a gift. We are very happy to take enquiries on such a scale.
Choose your own scent from; Lavender, Lavender Jasmine & Ylang, Lavender Geranium & Ylang, Lavender & Cedarwood, Pomegranate & Fig, Lavender and Ginger, Lavender & Eucalyptus

Please do contact us for any further information and guidance at