discover Liberty at the lavender house

Here at The Lavender House we feel deeply connected with Liberty fabrics. Each one is like a work of art and with so many having a floral theme we are spoilt for choice.

I will never forget my first visit, my first time seeing all the intricate woodwork and the sumptuous displays in the Liberty London store. It is a place I could lose myself in for hours, if not days if we were allowed to. Imagine that!

So do take a moment to enjoy looking through our range of products made with Liberty Tana Lawn ® fabric. You will spot the wonderful Strawberry Thief print which is our latest addition. First printed by William Morris in 1883, it still has as much appeal today as it did all those years ago. Connecting these prints with our own garden and Lavender truly enhances the horticultural stories in the fabrics.

As well as shopping on line you can visit us in our Lavender garden and workshop. It is a tranquil setting that you can book to take part in candle making workshops, tours, shopping afternoons or relaxed evenings.