Pretty Vintage China Dish

Very pretty vintage china dishes.

Ideal for bedside table trinkets, soap dish, or as in our household; a place to rest your electric toothbrush in the bathroom!

A lovely way to add some interest to a space. These vintage china trinket dishes are perfect in both a modern house, adding something unique and individual, as well as in an older property adding to the charm and continuing an eclectic look.

The dishes fit both the 55g and 110g Lavender soap bars that we stock.





In stock


Please let me know in the order notes section of your order if you have a preference which dish you receive.

If you are purchasing a soap and dish please let me know if you would like it tied up with a ribbon as a gift set.

Sizes may vary slightly by a small amount so I have popped the most common down as the measurement; 10.5cm diameter.


Additional information

Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 1 cm


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